Jim Lim is an urban, Southeast Asian eatery in Telakkaranta, Helsinki. Rich flavors, vibrant aromas, terrace vibes and memorable, shared moments. Jim Lim is like a communal living room that invites you over for lunch, apéritifs or dinner. 

Jim Lim is a contemporary getaway into the hustle and bustle of Southeast Asian alleys and their bustling food stalls; picture busy chefs working away, the sizzling wok pans, scented steam rising from bubbling pots and the captivating breezes of aromatic herbs. Let yourself be transported on a journey, unveiling all the layered flavors of stron Southeast Asian cuisines from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia. 

On the plate, in the bowl & in the glass

Aromatic noodle soups, caramelized pork ribs, slow-cooked curries and fresh salads. Everything is available as plant-based options, too. In our kitchen, we create the perfect harmony of salty, sweet, tangy, and fiery in our dishes by using traditional Southeast Asian techniques and authentic ingredients. 

Lunch or dinner, check out the menu! 

Lunch   Dinner   Drinks



CURRY - 14,90
Green Curry, Sugarsnaps, Thai Basil & Jasmine Rice
Tofu / Chicken (L,G)

Tom Kha, Mushrooms & Rice Noodles
Shrimps (L,G)

RICE BOWL - 13,50
Stir Fried Greens, Pineapple & Jasmine Rice
Tempeh / Beef (L, G)

SALAD - 14,90 
Mixed Crunchy Vegetables, Vermicelli Noodles, Fresh Herbs, Coconut Dressing
Tofu / Chicken  (L,G)

Enjoy on-site, take away or order from Wolt!




Yam Som-O 

Citrus Fruit, Roasted Coconut & Peanuts
Vegetarian / Traditional, Fish Sauce & Prawn Floss

Pork Ribs & Palm Sugar Caramel

Green Curry 

Grilled Chicken, Sugar Snaps & Thai Basil

Thai pannacotta, marinated fruits

(Vegetarian / Vegan menu also available)

Wine recommendations for the menu 34 pp


Thai Bar Peanuts 4

Bao Buns 7

With Relish, Herbs & Sauce
Caramelized Jack Fruit
Crispy Portobello Mushroom
Thai Crispy Pork
Fried Chicken

Thai ”Cheviche” 14

Pike Perch, Lemongrass & Prawn Crackers

Vietnamese Chicken Wings 15

Fish Sauce Caramel, Garlic & Chili

Grilled Satay Skewers 12

Peanut Sauce & Cucumber Relish
Tofu / Chicken 

Pork Ribs & Palm Sugar Caramel 16

Kering Tempeh 16

Tempeh, Palm Sugar Caramel & Peanuts



Singapore Prawn Laksa 21

Rice Noodles, Coconut Cream & Turmeric

Kuaytiaw Nahm Gai 21

Poached Chicken & Rice Noodles

Khanom Jeen Gaeng Keow Wan 21

Green Curry Soup, Thai Eggplants & Rice Noodles 



Sashimi 15

Salmon & Soy-Mirin

Grilled Portobello 15

Ginger & Soy-Mirin 

Som Tam 15

Green Papaya & Roasted Peanuts
Vegetarian / Traditional, Fish Sauce & Prawn Floss

Larb 14

Isaan Spicy Minced Meat Salad
Tofu / Pork

Yum Woon Sen 14

Thai Glass Noodle Salad 
Tofu & Peanuts / Prawns & Peanuts

Nua Nam Tok 16

Grilled "Waterfall" Beef Salad

Yam Som-O 16

Citrus Fruit Salad, Roasted Coconut & Peanuts
Vegetarian / Traditional, Fish Sauce & Prawn Floss



Pad Kra Pao 21

Hot Basil & Chili
Cauliflower, Fermented Black Bean / Pork

Pad See Ew 22

Rice Noodles, Gai Lan, Soy Sauce
Tofu / Chicken

Pad Kee Mao - Drunken Noodles 22

Tofu / Chicken

Crab Fried Rice 27

Morning Glory 16

Stir Fried Greens, Garlic & Chili



Green Curry 23

Sugar Snaps & Thai Basil
Salmon / Grilled Chicken

Red Curry 23

Green Beans & Lychees
Thai Eggplant / Grilled Chicken

Panang Curry 23

Roasted Peanuts & Pineapple
Pumpkin / Roasted Pork



Gai Yang & Nahm Prik Num 24

Grilled Whole Chicken & Roasted Green Chili Relish

Crispy Vietnamese Eggplant 24

Spring Onions & Vegetarian Nahm Prik Num



Thai Jasmine Rice 3 pp



Sorbets & Ice Cream 7

Coconut Panna Cotta, Marinated Fruit 12

Fresh Mango & Coconut Sticky Rice 12


Cocktails (alc./non.alc.)


Litchi Martini 12,5/9

Pu Punchin Highball 12,5/9

Tamarind Sour 13,5/9

Lemongrass Soda 12,5/9

Sakura-roni 13/9

Thai-Smash 13/9

PingPong Hurricane 14/9

Cà Phe Sua Ice Coffee 13/9




Scoth & Lemon 12
Smoke & Pineapple 12
Fruity & Herbal 12
East & Lemongrass 14
West & Peach 12


Koff Lager  6,5
Singha Lager, Thailand 8 / 9,2
Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc, France 8,5
Ankle Slapper 11
Backdrop Porter 11
China White Rice Lager 12
Kera Uncle IPA* 10
Fruit Basket Sour 10
Equilibrium 001 NEIPA 12
Neon Beast NEIPA * 14
Razzie Passion imp. Sour * 16

Baski Brinkhalli 10
Normanni Brinkhalli 10
Koff Longdrink Original 8
Koff Longdrink Mango 8

Low or no alcohol (<0,5 %)

Brooklyn Special Effects Lager 8
First Chop OOH Pineapple Sour 9
Clock & Co Radler 9
Red Äpplecider 9,5

* not available for TakeAway


Cola/Zero 4,8
Gingerbeer 6
Limo Lime+Mint/Lemon 7,5
Pure Coconutwater 6,5
On Lemon Teadrinks Matchbata/Icebata 7,5
JimLim Icetea 6
Thoreau Sparkling/Still 4 pp

Wines (12/btl)

Prosecco, Canevel, Veneto, Italy 10,5/64
Epic Pet’Nat, Meinklang, Burgenland, Austria 11/66
Gruet Selection Brut, Champagne, France ½ -/50
A.Viot&fils Brut Selection, Champagne, France -/105

Generations Riesling, Axel Pauly, Mosel Germany 10,80/67
Exmoor SB-Semillon, Xanadu, Margaret River, Australia 8,40/48
Natural GV, Hajizan Neumann, Wienna Austria 13,20/78
Chardonnay, Bread&Butter, California, USA 14,4/88
Ribeauville, Marcel Deiss, Alsace, France 21/126

Appletree Flat Shiraz, Logan, Orange, Australia 9,60/58
Les Quarterons, Amirault, Loire, France 13,80/84
Dolcetto, Luigi Pira, Piemonte, Italy 12/72
Spätburgunder, Franz Hahn, Pfalz, Germany 11,40/69
Rokurobi&Inugami, Birichino, California, USA 21/126

Wines (gls/btl)

Orange Gold, Gerard Bertrand, Languedoc-Rousillon, France 14,40/88
Friponne Rose, Chateau Saint-Roux, Provence, France 10,20/63
White, The Gentle Wine, Rheinhessen, Germany 7,80/48
Bigaro, Elio Perrone, Piemonte, Italy 8/75

Shared food, the best food 

In Southeast Asia, food gathers families and friends together, around a shared table. Food adds color and flavor to both everyday life and special occasions. In the same vein, Jim Lim invites you to his table to have a good time, indulge, and share new experiences. 

Table reservations

Behind Jim Lim is restaurateur Matti Wikberg and his team at the Farang restaurant. Jim Lim is like Farang´s easy-going and uncomplicated little sister. It is a relaxed, Southeast Asian living room for city dwellers, finally with its own address in Helsinki. Stop by for a beer or some noodles along your evening stroll or come with friends and spend the whole evening with us. 

Prior to the Telakkakatu location, the Jim Lim ambiance has been around to enjoy at food-court style restaurants in Stockholm, Sweden, and Pirkkala. Most recently, Jim Lim´s dishes can be enjoyed at home via Huuva. However, Jim Lim on Telakkakatu is `the original´, where the vision of casual and vibrant Southeast Asian restaurant is given the space and attention it deserves. 

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Jim Lim at home kitchens

With our simple instructions, ready-made meals, and pre-prepared sauces and meat products, you can easily and quickly cook Southeast Asian flavors at home, just like a true Jim Lim! Find our products in the extensive selection at K Group stores. 

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