An urban, Southeast Asian eatery in Telakkaranta, Helsinki. Rich flavors, vibrant aromas, terrace vibes and memorable, shared moments. Jim Lim is like a communal living room that invites you over for lunch, apéritifs or dinner.

Telakkakatu 10. Opening in October, 2023.

jim lim [adjective, thai]: beautiful, good looking, pleasant

On the plate, in the bowl & in the glass

Aromatic noodle soups, caramelized pork ribs, slow-cooked curries and fresh salads. Everything is available as plant-based options, too. In our kitchen, we create the perfect harmony of salty, sweet, tangy, and fiery in our dishes by using traditional Southeast Asian techniques and authentic ingredients.

Jim Lim at home and in Tampere

With our simple recipes, ready meals and pre-prepared sauces and meat products you can easily and quickly cook up Southeast Asian flavors at home, just like the real Jim Lim. Find our products in the K Supermarket selection nationwide. 

Jim Lim dishes can already be enjoyed at the ‘Birk’ food court at the Pirkkala Citymarket in Tampere. To indulge in the dishes at home, take-away is available via the Niittykumpu Huuva, in Espoo.